Sustainable Software

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We’ll give you the tools and techniques to get in front of your project and add value while having fun.

Workshop Description

As software delivery teams increase in size, establishing a common vision and maintaining the project’s conceptual integrity becomes more difficult. Growth also brings the additional challenges of carving up work to maximize throughput and getting a solution to market in a reasonable time.

We’ll explore various tools and techniques for empowering teams to build a shared vision of their project—both where it is now and where it needs to go in the future. With a shared vision in place, we’ll give attendees hands-on experience with strategic and tactical techniques to sustainably deliver software.

Where We'll Be

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Where We've Been

Work Hard Pittsburgh

May 30, 2019
The Gritty Details

Sustainable Software Promise

Together we will acknowledge pain points in a successful, growing project and establish a relevance with attendees’ current development situations.

Building from there we will explore and practice tools and techniques to evolve to a new reality of sustainably delivering valuable software guided by empirical data, including:

  • Architecture
  • Planning, Planning artifacts
  • Diagramming
  • Monitoring, Logging
  • Liminal Thinking
  • Evidence based troubleshooting
  • Pairing
  • Software patterns
  • Design patterns
  • Process
  • Tools & Techniques for iterative delivery
  • Sustainability