Modern JavaScript

Power up.

We’ll give you the insight you need to build with today’s JavaScript ecosystem.

Workshop Description

Whether it’s a website or web app, building with today’s JavaScript ecosystem can appear daunting. Customers, users, and Google demand great performance over finicky mobile networks and smooth experiences across a broadening array of devices, all while the underlying language—JavaScript—continuously evolves. In this workshop, you’ll receive hands-on experience architecting modern JavaScript systems alongside insight into JavaScript’s evolving role on the web.

Where We'll Be

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The Gritty Details

Modern Javascript Promise

We’ll discuss the role of JavaScript in today’s web as well as the tools powering modern JavaScript development.

Throughout the workshop, we’ll examine some of the features making their way into developers’ hands, enabling a more concise, literate, and safe codebase. Together, we’ll practice:

  • Classes
  • Modules, Babel, and Webpack
  • Destructuring
  • Architecting Modern JavaScript Apps and Sites
  • Patterns for Frontend JavaScript
  • Isomorphic and Progressive Enhancement
  • Build Tooling
  • Repository Organization