Modern CSS

Get Sassy.

Take your CSS skills to new heights with today’s techniques.

Workshop Description

It’s no joke that things in the web move fast. A few years ago, staying on the forefront of CSS was knowing the vendor prefixes for the latest CSS3 implementations and poking around at Sass or LESS. Now, in addition to the preprocessors, we have postprocessors, build systems, and CSS components—not to mention the latest and future CSS features! In this workshop, we’ll help get you up to speed on these various approaches to writing CSS, their advantages, and how you can start using them. Whether you're a regular CSS practitioner ready to level up or a backend dev expanding your skillset, we’ll cover all you need to organize, manage, and write modern CSS.

Where We'll Be

Where We've Been

The Gritty Details

Modern CSS Promise

We’ll cover many of the new tools, practices, and techniques prevalent in CSS today.

  • Naming conventions (BEM, SMACSS, etc.)
  • CSS processors (Sass, PostCSS, Autoprefixer, etc.)
  • Build tools
  • Mixins and Functions and Plugins
  • New CSS features and how to use them (plus previews of CSS4 features)
  • Tips and tricks to common CSS problems

What to bring:

  • A practical knowledge of CSS—we’ll be diving into some advanced areas in this workshop.
  • A account (they’re free!)—we’ll be putting several concepts in practice, utilizing CodePen in some cases.
  • Optionally, we have examples of more advanced tools—in which case, it would be helpful to have Node.JS installed beforehand.
  • And a computer, of course!