Kevin M. Hoffman

Occured On December 4, 2014

The Gritty Details

Kevin came to the Sparkbox training space to advise us on how to have more productive meetings.

From the Foundry:

"Kevin’s teaching style brought in a fun and interesting blend of humor, approachability, and collaborative exercises. Almost immediately after learning information such as the value of active listening or common meeting roles and rhythms, we were split into groups practicing and applying new techniques with a variety of exercises and projects. This smooth weaving in-and-out of lecturing and collaborating kept the pace interesting and fresh while allowing new skills to sink in." - Read the recap from the day

More Goodies from the Day:

The Speaker

Kevin M. Hoffman is an information architect and design strategist who has been building web stuff since 1995. He founded the distributed design network Seven Heads Design, a network of highly experienced digital design thinkers who operate independently but love working together. Formerly he served as Experience Director for the award-winning web design agency Happy Cog. Drop him a line at Kevin's website or on Twitter at @kevinmhoffman.