Frontend Testing

Stop guessing.

We’ll give you the tools and techniques to ensure your code stands strong.

Workshop Description

Frontend projects are becoming more and more complex, pushing greater rules and requirements into the browser. We expect a lot from modern web applications (many run entirely in the browser), but we’re rarely writing tests to verify that our high expectations are met. We’ll give you the tools and techniques you need to build solid, tested frontend code and get your team excited about frontend testing.

Where We'll Be

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Where We've Been

The Gritty Details

Frontend Testing Promise

Together we will examine the pain points of developing without tests and look at some real-world testing examples.

We’ll also talk about what you should and shouldn't test, how to effectively work testing into your process, and we’ll get our hands dirty with...

  • Jasmine / CoffeeScript
  • Automating Tests in the Build Process
  • Adding Tests to Existing Code
  • Refactoring jQuery Spaghetti
  • Handling AJAX Requests & Promises
  • Coding for Better Tests
  • Running Tests in a CI Build
  • and more...