Designing Today’s Web

It’s time to let go.

We’ll show you some techniques we’ve picked up to embrace modern web constraints while delivering something beautiful.

Workshop Description

We’ve all been there: trying to push the limits of design on the web while simultaneously considering the ease of development, performance budgets, and to top it off—designing it for every device on planet Earth. It’s hard. But we’ve found ways to ease the pain. We’ll show you how to create beautiful, reusable designs for responsive experiences with some methods we’ve learned along the way on the balancing act we like to call design.

Where We'll Be

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Where We've Been

April 15-18, 2015
The Gritty Details

Designing Today’s Web Promise

We’ll help you discover how to let go of some control while effectively pairing with developers to elevate the work of the entire team. Together, we’ll walk through many of the challenges that designers face when trying to balance all the components that go into today’s responsive websites. And, we’ll look at examples and discuss techniques that help us as designers break out of the old mindset and discover what we can accomplish when we look at responsive web design in a new way.

Workshop topics include:

  • Designing Reusable Styles (Pattern Libraries)
  • Designing with Performance Budgets
  • How to Work Closely with Developers
  • Future Proofing Your Design
  • and more...