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Workshop Description

Our workshops consistently leave attendees feeling up to speed on the most advanced tools and techniques for crafting the web—and excited to build right.

Available Workshops

The workshop for teams looking to discover effective ways of establishing a shared vision of what solutions their software needs to provide in the near future as well as techniques to guide its evolution in a controlled, sustainable manner.
The workshop for frontend developers who cry out for the power to test frontend code effectively and deliver as confidently on day 100 as on day 1.
The workshop for frontend developers who want to crank every ounce of efficiency out of their editor, stop others from overwriting code changes, and be confident deploying new code to production.
The workshop for designers wanting to know the best ways to tackle the challenges of today’s ever-changing web.
The workshop for anyone with a nagging feeling that there’s a better way, who believes that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and who wants to embrace these ideas in order to craft amazing work.
The workshop for everyone who cares about a web liberated from device constraints, believes we shouldn’t punish users for browsing on a small screen, and wants to collaborate more intently.
The workshop for frontend developers looking to leverage modern JavaScript language features, architect sites, and applications effectively, and to leverage modern JavaScript tooling in new projects and old.
The workshop for frontend designers and developers ready to make the deep dive into thoughtful and fantastic web styles using the latest tools and concepts.