Create timeless work.

We’ll show you how to collaborate with your team and clients to make it happen.

Workshop Description

The secret to truly successful work is not in the technology used, but in the people involved working together. This beautiful, new, multi-device web requires us to let go of old ways of thinking and invest in our people over our process. Being part of a team that operates like this requires a level of collaboration that is not common.

We'll share ways to facilitate this kind of teamwork and give you concrete ideas to take back to your organization. In addition, we’ll share how collaboration has alleviated expectation challenges and brought clients into the process. You'll learn all our secrets, including collaborative estimation, humility’s role on a team, pricing models, and creating a truly productive environment. Anything goes in this session about creating the place where you want to work.

Where We'll Be

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Where We've Been

The Gritty Details

Collaboration Promise

We promise that you’ll leave this workshop ready to embark on the path to timeless work through embracing collaboration in your culture, with your team, and with your clients.

Throughout the day, workshoppers will experience a very open and conversational format. Your participation will help drive where the day goes.

Workshop topics include:

  • Individual Collaboration Skills
  • Creating a Culture of Learning
  • Pros & Cons of Apprenticeships
  • Collaborative Environments
  • Key Hiring Factors
  • Collaboration Dangers
  • Team Empathy
  • Pricing Models
  • Collaborative Contracts
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Project Management
  • Working with Contractors
  • and much more….