Why Attend the Build Right: Maker Series?

You’ve attended a lot of events. At first they seemed like an endless fountain of knowledge and inspiration. But the more you attend, the more you spend, and the less impactful they feel.

We’ve been there. That’s why we created the Maker Series. Too many events focus on giving you 30–45 minutes of distanced interaction with the people you respect. Instead, the Maker Series gives you a full day of intimate interaction and opportunities to create relationships with the thinkers shaping our industry.

Our Approach to Learning

This year’s line-up has been carefully curated to push attendees to get better in life and in work. Instead of topics only obviously related to our daily work, we’ve targeted a more broad approach. Sara Chipps will get you thinking about the intersection of software and hardware, and you’ll walk away with your own handcrafted wearable. Jason Harrison will redefine fitness and educate you on rest, diet, and mental and physical fitness.

Combine these more holistic presentations with those intended to grow your UX, Design, and Development chops, and the impact is so much more tangible. Josh Clark, Wil Reynolds, Darren Kall, and Aaron Gustafson will teach you skills that can literally be put to use the next day.

The Cost

For the cost of many 2-day industry events, you can attend all 2016 Maker Series workshops. Or, you can pick and choose the events that make sense for you. Earlybird prices are only $199 per event, and we keep attendance low so you get the most out of each workshop.

Our lovely city is one of the most affordable in the country—you can stay in Dayton for around $100 per night. And your ticket price includes breakfast, lunch, and a delightful after-party so you get more time to get to know the featured presenter.

What are You Waiting For?

This industry is not standing still. If you are, you’ll get passed by. Stop waiting and start getting smarter. The Maker Series is here to help!

Remember, seating is very limited, so act soon if you want to take part in this incredible opportunity. We would love to see you there!

If you have any questions, please email the Build Right team at info@buildright.io.