Workshops for a better web. Tools for web crafters.

Together we can build a better, stronger web. Whether you’re looking for in-house training or want to fill your head surrounded by droves of web geeks, we can empower you to build right.

This workshop is for designers, developers, and product owners who need to design for a whole collection of devices and platforms—not as individual, separate interfaces but as an entire ecosystem that gently leads/follows users to the most convenient gadget for the context. If you’re having doubts, check out why you should attend the Maker Series.

The workshop series that gives you a chance to engage with people making timeless things on the web. These are the people you respect and follow—the people shaping our industry.

Building a Reputation

"There are few people on this planet who know how to build modern, post-desktop websites the way the Sparkbox crew does. Having hands-on experience in one of their Build Right workshops will have you and your team leveling up like crazy, and building better web things right away."

Matt Griffin, Founder, Bearded

"They’re not only seasoned professionals who do this type of work in a production setting day in and day out, they’re superb instructors who can explain the complexities of both the technical and design-oriented parts of Responsive Design."

Gene Crawford, President, Unmatched Style